Copyrights, Disclosures, Policies . . . All The Fine Print

I am not an attorney, but I have written dozens of cumbersome contractual agreements over the years, and I don’t especially want to write any more. So, in plain English, here is the basic legal and business stuff associated with Journeys With Stephen.

1. Copyrights

Unless clearly specified otherwise, such as a guest author post, comment or affiliate link, all the content on this site, including words and photographs, are the copyright of Stephen Henson and his company, Offshore U.S., Inc. Copyright © 2015 – 2018. All rights reserved.

2. Privacy Policy

Except for collecting a name and email address from opt-in email subscribers and those visitors who agree to place comments on the site, we do not collect any personally-identifiable information about any visitor to the site.

3. Editorial Policy

All the content you see, unless clearly stated otherwise, is produced by Stephen Henson. I write the posts from my own knowledge and first-hand experiences. I am not responsible for errors in facts, although I try for the utmost accuracy at the time of publishing. It is worth repeating that all the photographs on the site are mine, taken by me (with the exception of some pictures taken of me) and belong to me.

The opinions expressed in all posts and pages are mine. Editorial integrity is the cornerstone of what I do here. While, like anybody else, I am influenced by what I have experienced, I do not write “sponsored” content. If I recommend a hotel or restaurant or tour guide, I will say so, but not because I was paid to. I may, from time to time, accept trips, accommodation, meals, etc. that are paid for, but it never affects my judgment in writing about those places.

I may enter into third-party affiliations to create content that I couldn’t provide by myself. An example might be a widget that allows the visitor to book a flight or hotel. In all cases, these will be clearly identified. I use a third party company, MailChimp, to manage email subscriptions, for example.

4. Other acknowledgements

The site is hosted by Bluehost. The platform is WordPress, using Elegant Themes’ Divi. The logo was designed by K Interactive and me.

Finally, I am especially appreciative of anyone who finds the site useful in helping to make them a smarter traveler!


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